The Flat- This is a square absorbent material that is folded in many ways to make into a diaper. It does need a waterproof cover if worn during naps/bedtime or over 1.5hrs of wear. You can also fold it into a pad and stuff inside a pocket diaper as a very natural and easy to clean insert. It could wick through onto clothes if the absorption is not enough for baby. Boosting it can help the problem. One time wear and replaced with new one after pee/poo.

Half Flat-  A half flat is half the size of a flat and can be folded into a pad and used as a booster or insert for more absorption. One time wear and replaced after pee/poo.

Booster-  Used to add extra absorption to your diaper. Some babies are heavier wetting than others and they need more than the flat can provide. One time wear and replaced after pee/poo. Eath Mama and Shoreline are "slow absorption" and needed to be added under the absorption layers and not on top.

(Retired)The Playcentah- This is our own free hand design. Contoured diaper made from stretchy material. It has a pocket that opens from top and bottom, an optional crotch cinch and optional button attachments for the insert. A single layer of PUL waterproof lining down the middle. This makes it very close to waterproof, but test it without a cover for your child. The diaper is a one time wear and replaced after they pee/poo with a new one.

Stretchy Prefold- It functions like a prefold, but it is 3 and can be pad folded or folded like the classic diaper bag fold, but because it is stretchy it allows for a much tighter fit around the legs and will have less bulk. Makes a great insert for your shell options.

Plain Jane- This is a two layer contoured diaper. Same shape as playcentah but no additional features. 

(Retired) Perma-Pick    our exclusive design. The body is a triangle shape, a long snake booster is attached down the middle and goes past the body. An extra booster is attached to the body and snake. This makes for a wonderful heavy wetter diaper. Use the good key for tight leg seal.

 Wool Paired Duo    Double flat. This is two flats serged together. Still a very very trim flat for a double, but very absorbent.

Fleece Cover- They are used as a waterproof cover and need changed if wet, just wash like normal diapers.

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