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Compliance comes up a lot with wahm shops. I want you to feel confident in knowing I have taken the steps as a small shop to ensure your safety.

I am providing my certifications for you in the above link to my Google document folder.

My custom fabric purchased overseas have been flammability tested by a third party and passed! I did this for my own piece of mind because fabric sellers are not required to test, it's up to the wahm to do it. I took those extra steps with your safety in mind.

My other fabric is purchased from Natures Fabric and has been tested- documents available. 

My Snaps have certification, wood Buttons and cord cinche are exempt.

The PUL is lead and Phthalate tested and free

I am small batch registered and have an IEN for taxes. 

My tags have all wash care labels as well as who and how to contact our business. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this all puts your mind at ease!

Robye with The Atlas Butt

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